An organic retailer was leveraging an increasingly outdated analytics model (UA) and needed to implement GA4 using Shopify without any sudden data loss. They also wanted to increase their month-over-month revenue, optimize their advertising budget, and improve their current ROAS. The brand was also re-launching a B2B Wholesale program and needed a Google Ads pilot program to promote their revamped offers.


I implemented a plan to adopt GA4 without any data loss using Shopify’s back-end connection, in addition to setting up custom events and revenue tracking. After providing a comprehensive audit of their Google Ads account, I removed all unnecessary targeting, honed in on all high-impact campaigns, and added in new Performance Max campaigns to leverage new ad placements. Following the launch of their B2B Wholesale program, I set up a revenue-driving Performance Max campaign on Google Ads to promote their pilot.


Over the course of 9 months, I increased the organic retailer’s sales revenue by 93% which grew sales by 3x compared to the previous period, achieved 7x ROAS for branded Google Ads searches, and increased Google Ads engagement by 3.16k. I also provided ongoing support and resources for the GA4 integration, created custom audience views, and provided channel insights for growing revenue trends.